Selling out for cheap

I’m cheap. That’s a fact proven by my jailbroken iPhone vs.1 with a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card in it. But when the iPhone stopped holding a charge I was left with a tough choice: how will I read my e-books now? Yes, that’s right, I used my iPhone more for reading e-books than for actually making calls.

The decision soon came down to what e-book reader did I want? I’m a self-professed Apple fangirl…which is really, really hard when I’m also cheap. So what did I do?

I bought an iPad 1 refurb as soon as the iPad 2 was announced. The $350 I paid for it made it easier for my cheap side to stomach.

Now I still had the problem of how to make phone calls with a phone that wouldn’t hold a charge past 6 hours or so.

In steps my significant other with the news that Virgin Mobile has unlimited msging/data for $25/month. Sure it’s only 300 minutes but remember I said I basically used my phone as an e-book reader? I wasn’t making calls! So this is perfect for me because it has the data connection I’ve been missing (a requirement when settling debates in movie theaters about who that guy was in that one movie).

We both got these lovely Android phones (I feel so dirty!) — the Optimus V. And I gotta tell you, it’s totally worth it. It’s even got GPS, a feature I didn’t even have on my old and busted iPhone!

So yeah, I sold out. But I can use my phone as a WiFi hotspot for my iPad…that makes it okay, right? RIGHT?!

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