Writing Updates

Re: social networking type things

Thanks to a suggestion by the sole legit commenter here on my blog (as opposed to the spammers), I’ve converted my Goodreads profile to a Goodreads author profile. I’m not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me to do that before, but it’s done now. Thanks, Jean!

I also have a Shelfari profile, mostly because it’s Amazon’s equivalent and it allows for extra book information that gets pulled into Amazon.com’s book listings. Unfortunately I haven’t really put a whole lot of work into that one.

Writing Updates

For those of you curious as to what I’m working on, here are some updates.

I’ve got 11 books written in the Lore series so far (I thought it was only 10, I was wrong!). I’ve also written a few scenes in book 12 before I got STUCK (a.k.a. bored and unhappy with the series). I’m not sure I like where I’ve taken Laura yet and that is part of why I’m hesitant to release much more than book 6.

I’m writing another series that I love twice as much as this one. It’s swallowing up my free time. Plus each time I sit down to do something with Lore I come up with an idea for a different story that has nothing to do with Laura.

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