Music Obsession: Woodkid – Iron


You guys.

I don’t even have the words for this one.

That’s super sad considering I WRITE novels. I just…

Okay, let’s see if I can pull myself together for this.

First, this post is about my current music obsession…in case you were confused about what I was on about. Let me begin by saying I found this today while searching for new music on Grooveshark. It was on the “popular” list…way down toward the end. The name “Iron” struck me as neat, so I queued it up. And then I heard it.

You’ve probably noticed through my book soundtracks and the obsessions I’ve already listed that I really like music with strong orchestral influences. This one definitely has that. I also like music that has tribal or marching band-esque drums. This has that too. Plus it has a haunting melody. So…it possesses 3 things I adore in music.

Then…I saw the VIDEO. I swear to god I was crying watching it. Why? I don’t know, maybe I’m in a fragile emotional state ATM (not really, it’s a joke, calm down, I’m not going emo). Anyway, it is an amazing video. This video is like the 300 of music videos…only…it’s BETTER than 300 turned out to be. I am seriously, seriously obsessed. You all need to watch this. Watch it all the way through. Fall in love. Get obsessed and then comment and tell me how much you hate me for getting you hooked on this.

Deep breath. Here’s a link to a blog that has the MP3. And here’s the beautiful video. Watch it in fullscreen!

Woodkid – Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

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