Pulling the trigger on Lore 8

Just finished reading Lore 9 for the ummmpteenth time. I really don’t want to give up any of it. And so I think it’s safe to release 8.
Hopefully you guys won’t be disappointed with where the characters are going. I will tell you that 8 isn’t one of the better books in the series but you gotta read it to get to 9. And 9 is definitely worth it.
Oh, and 8 is a CLIFF HANGER in the wickedest of ways. Consider yourselves WARNED!
I will not be releasing book 9 for at LEAST several months so if you think you won’t be able to handle waiting after finishing 8 then don’t read it until they’re both out.

Update: Book 8 is now on Amazon. Please come back and tell me what you think of it when you’ve finished. Happy reading!

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