My Favorite Wallpapers/Backgrounds

Yesterday I happened upon a web site that had a HUGE version of a desktop wallpaper that I’d long since given up using because it was simply too small for my new laptop. That got me to thinking that I loved scrolling through wallpaper posts on other blogs and that I should make one of my own. So here goes.

Impossible LOV3

It’s currently the BG on my laptop at work. It’s by Bluefley who can be found on deviantart.

Demon Woman

I have not been able to find the original of this second one or who created. But this is the one that helped inspire the Lore character Kruzulun (basically his black eyes). I have this image on literally EVERY personal device I own. It’s the background on my Android phone, my iPad, my laptop and even when I’m writing in Scrivener its the fullscreen background image. I have no idea why I’m so obsessed with it but I am. Anyway, maybe you’ll get some enjoyment out of it too.

Stillife 2005 frozen teardrops

This next one really isn’t big enough to be the background on most computers but it’s probably fine for an iPad or iPhone. It’s called Stillife 2005 frozen teardrops by fantasio. I’ve used it as my avatar image on loads of sites. It’s so pretty!

Rainbow Silk Dark

This is currently my BG on my external monitor at work because it’s pretty without being distracting. You can create your own “Silk” using this spiffy HTML5 application at the following Web site: WeaveSilk

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