Music Obsessions: Fink & Emilíana Torrini

This week’s Music Obsessions are Fink’s “Perfect Darkness” and Emilíana Torrini’s “Gun”. I heard both of these over on the KCRW Eclectic24 stream a few weeks back and was struck by them both. But it took several listens to really come to enjoy them.

Fink’s Perfect Darkness is a pretty low key song with a nice bass line that rumbles the subwoofers in my car. I like the slightly melancholy feel to it. But I must confess that I’ve not actually looked up the lyrics to it yet. I suspect I’ll like it even more once I do.

Emilíana Torrini of Lord of the Rings fame (she sang that Golum song) does a song called “Gun” that has been a little obsession of mine this week. I actually think this song is fairly flawed. It has such potential with a gradually lifting climax that just…falls short. Nevertheless her sweet voice singing lyrics about people being shot in the face (yes, I’m weird, surely you’ve figured that out by now) combined with a sexy guitar riff that calls to mind bad ass babes with big guns is the reason it’s earned a place on my blog. Oh and her little breathy catches and snaps really make the song.

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