Fashion has never really been one of my interests. Up until about six years ago I didn’t even carry a purse. Now I’m too cheap/broke to really be interested in fashion. But in the course of writing I often hunt for inspiration and slowly I’m coming to enjoy it. I stumbled on Fendi’s fall 2011 line-up during one of these hunting sessions and I swear I had a fashiongasm!
I love, love, looovveee cute Mary Jane shoes and clever tights. These are just lovely. Plus the orange/yellow combination is perfect for a character from a story you HAVEN’T read yet (my Sorceress series). So click to see the other shoes that cost more than our weekly paychecks and cry along with me.

But what are YOUR fashiongasms? Spiffy hats? Towering shoes? Frilly purses? Post yours!

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