It’s a crime that men no longer wear suits!

So as mentioned in my last post, I claimed not to be into fashion but as I go through my RSS feeds in Google Reader I’m finding that maybe that isn’t quite true. Sure I don’t WEAR high fashion but I do have opinions on it. And one of those is to lament that men no longer wear suits.

Okay, yes, they wear them to board meetings and the like at REAL businesses. But I work in higher education. I rarely if ever see a guy in a suit unless its Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl (Yes, I do watch it. Don’t hate). Those I do see certainly aren’t rocking a three-piecer like the Giorgio Armani in that picture up there. And a hat? Good lord! Could you imagine! *fans herself* Maybe it’s better that men have eschewed the old tradition of dressing up for everyday things otherwise I’d be a drooling mess all the time!

SO you tell me, do you miss the days of men in crisp shirts, silky ties and fine fabric sports coats?

Here are some stellar examples from my new favorite blog of gorgeous males in gorgeous suits to get you in the mood to debate (but really, who can debate that they don’t miss a good suit!?)

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