Recipe tested: Banana Pudding IV

Ages ago my in-house editor asked me figure out how to make him banana pudding like they have at Ryan’s Steak House. I looked up a few recipes, saw that they required quite a few ingredients we didn’t have beyond banana and then put the request on the back burner. So when he was forced to work the entire weekend — the first weekend following his momentous graduation from college (it only took a decade or so) — I knew I had to do SOMETHING to get him through the 12 days on. So I grabbed this recipe for banana pudding and headed to Teh Walmart to brave the back to school crowds. Even though I screwed up on it a tiny bit, he was in heaven and declared that he could never eat a store bought banana cream pie again (even though I didn’t make a pie?). Anyhow, this recipe comes courtesy of All Recipes (as does the image because my camera sucks). It’s not hard at all so if you’re a fan of the banana goop they have at buffet restaurants you owe it to yourself to try this one instead. You’ll never eat their stuff again.
Banana Pudding IV @ All

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