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It’s been a while since I wrote up any official posts about the Lore series. Most of my writing updates are on the Works in Progress page hidden in all that content. It’s probably time I put something up for y’all here in the main blog.

A few months back I’d tossed around the idea of rebooting the Lore series from book 9 (I’d had book 11 finished already). I wasn’t sure that I liked where the characters were going. But when it came down to writing a new ending, I just couldn’t bring myself to cut everything I’d written and start fresh. Then thanks to a brainstorming session with my in-house-editor, new life was breathed into the final books.

Then I sat down to finished it all up. I’d written a good 40,000 words into a new book 11 when I decided I didn’t like how THAT had gone. All of the new content was cut (but set aside for future use) and the old content was returned (with one change to lay the ground work for book 12). I’m currently 20,000 words into book 12 and nearing the point where I’ll bring in the content I’d cut from 11. Maybe.

So what does this mean for you? It means I’ll release book 9 in fourth quarter 2011 rather than first quarter 2012.

If you haven’t already noticed it on the Current and Upcoming Books page, Book 9 is called Lore vs. The Addiction. And it’s another cliff hanger, admittedly not quite as dramatic as book 8’s cliffhanger (which is just plain evil). So keep an eye out for that in 4th quarter 2011!

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