On American Football

Or why I like College football better than NFL.

I’m not much into American football these days so I’ve stayed out of the office football pools during my four years at my current job. This year my co-workers begged me to join in on a pick-the-winner pool. They decided I would be the wildcard, the one who chose teams based on my favorite colors or who had the best logo. I feigned indignation but it’s not far from the truth of how I’ve picked my winners for this weekend. This whole football pool got me thinking back to my youth when I did care.

When I was fifteen I enjoyed football here and there. I didn’t particularly understand what was going on but I watched nonetheless. However I was only into college football. NFL bored the hell out of me. I had a BIG love for the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators, mostly because they were winning and I liked their colors. (I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I decided to major in graphic design).

I supposed I should start off by saying that my opinion of preferring college over pro isn’t fully formed. I’ve only been to high school and college football games, never a Pro game. I can’t form a definite opinion until that’s remedied.

So why do I prefer college over NFL? I love the school spirit, the dueling bands, the marching band halftime show, and mascot displays before the games. When I asked someone that had been to an NFL game if there was a band I was told no. To me the band is an integral part of the football experience. Another thing that I love about school football is the fact that the players on the field are students rather than employees earning millions of dollars.

Rabid LSU Fans' Roast Pig Head

But also there’s a feeling of belonging to something when you go to a school game. It’s one thing to be a fan of an NFL team. It’s a whole other feeling to experience a game played at your alma mater.

Two years ago I got to go to the Arkansas vs. LSU game played at Tiger Stadium. It was a BLAST.

LSU band plays at half time 2009 LSU vs. Arkansas
The tailgating in the parking lot on LSU’s campus was insane, the fans were rabid, the game was so close that it engaged my attention throughout the entire three or so hours. I didn’t even mind that the band seemed to only know “The Eye of the Tiger”, that I hadn’t worn enough layers to combat the chill or that my butt was numb on the hard seat.

LSU's Mike VI gets paraded around Tiger StadiumAnd when we all filed out of the huge stadium down to our cars I couldn’t help feeling like I’d been a part of something big. It certainly helped that LSU had won in over time!

So which do you prefer, NFL or College?

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