Thrust & Plunge Game

I was going through my RSS feeds today and happened upon this Studies in Crap blog by Alan Scherstuhl on SFWeekly. This particular post called “Thrust & Plunge: The Lusty Game You Can Play with Romance Novels” made me laugh.
From the article:

One game I still turn to, especially when laid over between flights or waiting for a prescription to be filled. That is Thrust & Plunge, the great romance novel competition. The rules are simple. Anyplace where there is an impressive rack of romance novels, or even just a couple romance novels whose covers boast impressive racks, you and any number of players each select a promising title: Spicy Pirate, say, or Rogue Hearts Aflutter.

Then, after some agreed-upon starting signal, you race through your book, hurrying to be the first to find a sentence using any form of the words thrust or plunge. This sentence is then read aloud and marveled at.

Later I’m going to have to open up one of my stories to see when the first instance of thrust or plunge appears. If it’s Lore book 1, I bet it isn’t sex related 😀

Do you have any doozies to share?

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