National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month is on the horizon and I for one am gathering my stuff together to begin. And one of the problems with getting ready ahead of time is ignoring that urge to dive right into writing my story. With 14 some odd days left before the 1st, I will be hard pressed not to start (actually, I already have 300 words written. BAD, ANYA, BAD!)

This year I’ve decided to start a new urban fantasy series that I brainstormed a few weeks ago. I’m really excited about this one because its narrated by a very, very flawed character (a quasi-sociopath assassin). I love flawed characters. I just hope I can pull this one off.

Once it begins you can track my progress here.

Are you going to join in on NanoWriMo? Sound off if you are. Maybe we can help each other stay motivated 🙂

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