NaNoWriMo: Or why updates will be sparse this month.

I mentioned a bit ago that November was National Novel Writing Month and that like last year I was going to try my hand at it.

Given that my free time is now divided between commutes to and from work, television watching with the “in-house editor”, doing my nails with my new Konad stamper, reading the odd book or two to keep me sane, and furiously writing, I haven’t got much to say here. Google Reader has been crying for a month that I have 1000+ items to read (where I get some of my inspiration). And Pinterest hasn’t seen me in about that long (another spot for inspiration).

So I apologize for not having anything to blog about. But on the plus side, I’m writing. Admittedly I already know its a book you guys will probably never see. But it’s practice, right?

You can check my progress here. Cheers and Jeers are, as always, welcome.

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