Music Obsession Round Up – November

With November being the month of mad writing I haven’t had time to properly chronicle my music obsessions. So here is a little round up of the four that have been played in heavy rotation on my iPod since the Delta Ray post.

New Look

The first track began with a video done with an XBOX Kinect camera. Supposedly. I clicked it to see this camera action and ended up staying because of the song. New Look’s “Nap on the Bow” is a nice electronic chill out song that just makes me want to take a nap. It won’t fight off tomorrow’s tryptophan intake but it will help with snoozing.

Florence + The Machine

If you follow anything I’ve done you’ve probably noticed I have a bit of a thing for Florence + The Machine. My favorite track off her new Ceremonials Album is “Bedroom Hymns”. She played this in Indy on the 4th of July well before the album was released. What a tease because I fell in love with the percussion. Now I can’t hear this without banging along.

Neon Hitch

Third on my obsession list for November is Neon Hitch’s “Poisoned with Love”. Ok, I’ll admit it. I heard the first part of this in MTV’s Teen Wolf (Don’t judge. It’s a good show. Seriously!). And I have had it on a list for months waiting for the damn thing to be released. It came out a few weeks ago on some “Now that’s what I call music” compilation. Well, I grabbed it. It’s a departure from Neon Hitch’s usual sweet voiced covers of foul mouthed rap songs but it’s still good. Go ahead, give it a listen. You will like it.


This last one, Kimbra’s “Settle Down”, was one I found on KCRW’s Top Tune (I highly suggest bookmarking that and visiting daily to grab their free tracks). I wasn’t immediately sold on it because it had an odd sound with a heavy bit of dissonance. But this is one of those songs that slowly grows on you. I like it because it builds layer upon layer. And I do so love my layers.

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