NaNoWriMo Results – Finished!

I finished my November novel in time to “win” the National Novel Writing Month. It clocked in around 72,000 words.

I had a blast writing like crazy on it. And writing a character who is a total bitch, a quasi-heartless sociopath and a murderer — or at least as heartless and murdering as I could pull off in the first person POV.

Another fun but frustrating part of this novel, besides the deadline, was writing a character that had unlimited funds. You should see the banner advertisements I’m getting now thanks to my nearly constant loading of Bergdorf Goodman’s web site to find out what handbag and shoes Caro would be wearing next. That was the fun part, the frustrating part was seeing the ridiculous price tags on those beautiful shoes and dresses!

I still want my Fendi colorblock mary-janes. What is on YOUR ultimate wishlist this year?

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