Music Obsession: Stateless – I’m on Fire

This week’s music obsession is Stateless’s duet with Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond called “I’m on Fire”.

I had no idea Stateless had a new album out. I also had no idea he’d collaborated with Shara. So when I got hooked on the melancholy intro to this tune and then her voice slipped into my ears it was a little like an early Christmas morning! If you’ve been following along with my obsessions you know that Stateless’s “Bloodstream” was a past music obsession and another of Shara’s collaborations has also been one of my obsessions. (Plus there are heaps of My Brightest Diamond tracks on my book soundtracks).

In any case, I’m not going to post a Grooveshark link to this because I’d rather you watch the pretty video instead. So click the big image to go to YouTube or click here for it: Stateless – I’m On Fire.


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