7up Mixed Berry – or why it sucks to enjoy limited time things

I discovered this soda two weeks before Christmas at the Walmart near work: 7up Mixed Berry. I knew I shouldn’t have tried it but some part of me — the part that still holds onto silly things like hope — said ‘oh, it won’t be good, and if it is, they won’t get rid of it’. Yeah. That didn’t work out so well.

This is the best soda I’ve had since they did away with the berry sprite years ago. It’s just sweet enough to be good without going overboard like mountain dew. And best of all, it’s caffeine free. I have a bottle and a half of it left after I bought up everything the Walmart had in stock. I’ve been nursing it since winter break once I found they hadn’t, indeed, restocked it as I’d hoped. Soon it will be all gone and then I’ll have to go back to my strawberry lemonade and just plain water. *sigh* Well, at least I still have the lemonade.

Have you fallen for a limited time item only to have it taken away like Mommy Dearest and the birthday gifts?

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