Actual Chat Log – Brilliance outside the toilet

An actual chat log between my guy [MG] and me this morning:

<MG> I had a thought on the way in
<MG> and windows is going on the machine now [He was fighting a nasty BIOS virus for 6hrs yesterday]
<Anya> yeah?
<MG> yeah
<MG> I changed the HD cluster sizes
<Anya> it was a thought you had in the bathroom?
<MG> nope driving
<Anya> you had brilliance outside the toilet?
<Anya> 😀
<MG> scary eh?
<Anya> lol
<Anya> nah you’re awesome
<Anya> I just don’t expect much prior to noon
<MG> one day I’ll have them in appropriate places
<MG> and then the world will pay
<Anya> lol

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