Draw Something with My Guy (small contest)

One of my friends brow beat me into downloading the DrawSomething app on my iPad. I hate to say it, but I was hooked. Damn it. So when my guy said it automatically popped up on his iPad, I made him an account then started a game between us. He’s…well, not that good lol. But this was by far the FUNNIEST drawing he sent me. Keep in mind that I get to watch this being drawn.

Allow me to narrate how it appeared and what I thought it was.

First was the red triangle thing. And then the red vertical lines. Followed by the yellow. Had no clue.

Then he drew in the black moon to the right. Then the moon got hairy. Followed by the black sandworm howling at the black moon.

My guy then added in the yellow puddle (the thing behind the letters). He put in horizontal black line.

Next was bozo the clown.

If you can guess what the word was (it’s not too hard), post a comment! You can win a free copy of any of my currently published books! 🙂

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