More DrawSomething Fun: My FAILURE on round 42

My buddy Jayson–the guy who prompted me into downloading DrawSomething in the first place–and I had a sweet 42 round going…until I BOMBED on this one (scroll for my lamentation):

Now see, I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie. But damn it, I’ve seen PLENTY of the episodes to be able to figure this thing out (and Jayson and I got smashed at the Star Trek experience in Vegas [Quark’s! I MISS YOU!]).

But I was hung up on “Borg” and “Collective” And even “Locutus” (Even though the bald guy there should be in a red shirt, not gold. Gold was Kirk). I just could NOT figure out what the heck the word was. I cheated and scoured Wikipedia for hints of what other borg-related words this might be. I even used up a bomb to get rid of a few of the letters. In the end I had to give up.

It told me what the word was after I’d thrown in the towel. I did a face palm. Can you guess it? I bet you can 😀

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