Writing updates – What’s going on with me?

I was over on Goodreads earlier and noted that my last writing update was at the end of February when I released Lore book 10. Wow. I’ve been neglectful. I’m sorry. *holds out her hand for smacking*

Beware, this is shaping up to be a LONG post. I’ll try to put in some headings so you can skip around as you please.

Social Networking

My concentration in the past two months has been on social networking. Apparently promotion falls onto authors these days, at least Indie authors, which I am. So I’ve been over on Twitter building a network, or something. I don’t know. I’ve just been adding people who like the sorts of books I write and hoping they add me back.

It’s a little debasing but once I got over the filthy feeling, I’ve discovered some GREAT people (or they’ve discovered me). Plus having other writers to bounce ideas off and generally get support from has taken the pressure off my poor “in-house editor” aka my guy.

I’m also on Facebook too but I BLOW at that too. So do me a favor, add me as a friend!

I should probably write a whole post just on social networking. And maybe I will. But not now.

OKAY, on to NEWS!

What’s coming up!

I’m actually going to be published, you guys! Granted it’s by e-book publishers, but it’s a start.

The first story is a 40k erotic romance novella from Siren BookStrand coming this May! It’s called “Y’s Punishment” and it’s part of a series of singles I named “Randy’s Diner” (I don’t know if “singles” is the right term or not. I basically mean the stories stand on their own). I’ll do a post all about it soon.

The second is a paranormal romance called “Fire and Flame” from The Wild Rose Press. I don’t have any idea when the release date on that one will be but I’m super excited about it.

But what about LORE??

You can read my update on Lore book 11 here (and see the cover).

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