Geek Horde Night – Ghostbusters RPG (LONG POST)

Wednesdays at Casa Del Breton are when the geek horde invade for game night. This week my guy (Scott) ran a Savage Ghostbusters campaign. This post is LONG, long, lonnnngg. And you should only read it if you are really bored. Plus there are audio clips of me (Anya), my guy and the nerd horde. I apologize for how loud I sound. I was always seated beside the audio recorder (plus I’m just that annoying 😀 ).

Cast of Characters

  • GM – Scott
  • Lunkhead (Obese Plumber) – Randy 1
  • Reginald Goldfarb (Slumming Aristocrat) – Aaron
  • Brian O’Malley (Techno-Occult Nerd) – Randy 2
  • Sadim Al-Shahir (Paranoid Bookworm Geezer) – Lucas
  • Ishtar Rodriguez (Middle Aged Newager) – Anya (that’s ME, yo!)

The Chicago Ghostbusters’ division gets called to the Bad Water Auto Graveyard. Ishtar drives herself because she’s not actually employed by the division (but since her daddy owns half of it, she’s allowed along.)The first recording includes the GM asking Ishtar (me) how she gets there. Lunkhead (Randy 1) complains about everyone hiding behind his rotund body on the way into the salvage yard. Goldfarb (Aaron) says he’ll get out, make a show of the PKE meter and try to be professional. I interrupt game play to ask if I have to roll dice to be able to commune with the goddess to find ghosties (you get to hear me curse when the GM tells me I have to roll “Notice”).

[Transcribed below]
The GM roleplays the Mexican owner of the salvage yard in a horribly cliche voice. “Eh Esse, you aren’t exactly what I was expecting.”

Goldfarb says, “What were you expecting?”

GM retorts, “Something more professional looking. You got the fat man and the old man.”

Lunkhead answers for us all, “Well, I thought you’d be taller, what’s more.”

“Not all of the skills necessary for our work are physical, sir,” Goldfarb replies in a stuffy tone.

“Okay, Esse, whatever. Long as you do a good job, it no matter to me,” The salvage owner says. [We crack up] “Do you know what’s going on?”

Sadim cuts in with, “Why don’t you tell us wht happened first?”

“What just happened [I had to make the GM translate his horrible accent on this one guys] One of our customers got cut up by some hubcaps.”

Ishtar asks, “Did you say cut up?”


Incredulous, Ishtar asks, “As in dead?”

“No. Not dead. I think I’d be a little more traumatized if she’d died. She was lookin’ for hubcaps for her Lincoln.”

Being old and hard of hearing, geezer Sadim asks, “Rinkin?”

GM cuts in with an Out Of Character (OOC), “No, he’s not Asian.”

OOC Aaron says, “One stereotype at a time.”

Anya agrees with, “I know! Bad enough with the Mexican. Are we gonna go there too?”

Meanwhile Sadim is trying to get to the bottom of this.  “Did the hubcaps jump up and bite her?” And then OOC Lucas says, “I’m gonna start putting on an Arabian accent.”

Since his name *IS* Arabian, I heartily agree. And then I do my Apu voice for him.
The Mexican says he’s only owned the place since January. There’s talk of bad shit happening. The plumber speaks up about bad plumbing. Goldfarb mentions that the Mexican needs a bucket. At this point the GM’s voice starts changing from Mexican to a slightly different one.


Ishtar heads out into the salvage yard with her arms out in front of her, searching for the spirits with the goddesses’s help. The owner tells us about how the guy across the street, Vinny, told him the story of a mobster that had died in the car crusher. Lunkhead jokes about the mobster being accidentally locked in his trunk when he “fell” into the car crusher.

The gang heads out into the salvage yard. Thanks to her goddess given powers, Ishtar learns that the whole place is a “hive of ectoplasmic activity”. Goldfarb gives up on his fancy devices and follows the newager. The obese plumber trundles after as well. The geezer follows the fat man (and the techno guy goes too).

Everyone rolls Notice to find the ghosts. Ishtar sees a ghost in a three-piece suit (pinstripe), a hat, smoking a cigar and holding a tommy gun.

She tries to commune with the dead but gets more than she bargained for. Cars glow and some hub caps start flying about. She gets hit with a hub cap, takes a wound but I toss a chip to soak it so I can go back to playing. Goldfarb throws out some ghost bait to lure away three of the hub caps but we’re still left with the dead mobster who, thanks to Lucas playing a card from the adventure deck, is suddenly granted “Wildcard” status [meaning he’s now one BAD mother].


The gang puts on fancy goggles so they can see what Ishtar already sees. Ishtar tries to distract the ghost with a compliment about his suit…

[but I roll so badly that the ghost ignores her flirting attempt]. The ghost tells Ishtar she’s not his type. Lunkhead declares that he’s walking slower. O’Malley declares that the ghost seems dapper.

Lunkhead fires his proton pack at the hubcaps from long range. He blows up some serious shit. A chunk of the car disappears along with the hubcaps. The geezer is up. Sadim tries to figure out how to help because he’s an old guy, researcher who failed to do RESEARCH. He holds his action.

Goldfarb is next in the initiative. He decides to climb up the cars to get a look at where the ghost bait landed. He fails royally and ends up hanging off the roof.

Ishtar is about to distract again but something she says makes Sadim decide to do a “Knowledge Occult” roll to try to figure out what is manipulating the hub cap. He sets off at a geezer run and moves “7 inches” (which is something like 42 feet) closer to Ishtar and the hub cap. He discovers they’re “Swarmers” and that we shouldn’t have a problem with them (even though they’ve taken Ishtar out).

Once again, Ishtar tries to distract the ghost. She asks him to tell her about his piece. But I roll a ONE on both my dice, this is a critical failure. I declare that our missing player, Rob, isn’t allowed to ditch game night because the rest of us get his bad luck and roll badly.

Since I have the “True Believer” hindrance, I have to believe whatever the ghost tells me. Mr. Tommy Gun tells Ishtar that Goldfarb stole her purse out of the car and defecated in it. She freaks out, going on about how her crystals are useless now. You can listen to 44 seconds of me going off in a horrifically bad accent (New Jersey? New York? Boston? I have NO idea what it is). WARNING: The volume one this clip is pretty high!


Lunkhead blows up some of the cars with another proton blast. There goes our profit on this job!Four apparitions show up and disappear over by the ghost bait. Reginald takes the apparitions and swarmers out with a ghost trap.Between Sadim and Ishtar, we triangulate the location of the mobster spirit so that Lunkhead can see where to hit with his proton pack (because he’s one of the few members who can’t see the ghost).

There’s a slight OOC break in which Aaron discusses how we can persuade the owner of the salvage yard to pay us despite the damage we’ve done…he thinks Ishtar’s persuasion skills will help. But since she doesn’t actually work for the company, that might not be an option. The GM offers up a compromise that is met with some humor about Ishtar’s feminine wiles. If Goldfarb can come up with a reason for Ishtar to help out, the GM will let us piggy back our persuasion rolls. (Note: We discuss how she’s wearing a mou mou dress right before this clip.) This earns Aaron a benny (a chip that lets him get out of a bind later).


Brian goes to shoot the mobster. Since Randy 2 rolled so badly, his character’s proton pack fizzles (sound effects courtesy of the GM). Sadim screams about red going to red and black going to black (in a credible accent).


A this point it’s nearly midnight here. I’ve gotten NOTHING done tonight but this stuff. *sigh*. So I’m cutting the post short. I’ll try to finish the rest of the session later. (This first fight took up most of our time, I believe it lasted a good hour all by itself). I hope you got at least one laugh…

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