Geek Horde Night – Ghostbusters RPG Part 2 (LONG POST)

For those who missed the first post, check it out here.

Here’s a quick recap: Wednesdays at Casa Del Breton are when the geek horde invade for game night. A few weeks ago my guy (Scott) ran a Savage Ghostbusters campaign. Our little Ghostbuster’s team got called to an auto graveyard to look into strange occurrences and visitor disappearances. We ran into a mobster ghost and a few whirling hubcaps.

Cast of Characters

  • GM – Scott
  • Lunkhead (Obese Plumber) – Randy 1
  • Reginald Goldfarb (Slumming Aristocrat) – Aaron
  • Brian O’Malley (Techno-Occult Nerd) – Randy 2
  • Sadim Al-Shahir (Paranoid Bookworm Geezer) – Lucas
  • Ishtar Rodriguez (Middle Aged Newager) – Anya (that’s ME, yo!)
Where we left off, Brian had gone to shoot the mobster. Since Randy 2 (the person playing Brian) rolled so badly, his character’s proton pack fizzled (sound effects courtesy of the GM). Sadim screamed about red going to red and black going to black (in a credible accent–see original post for an audio clip of this).


Randy 2 decides to go back to the car to get a new pack. Sadim and Ishtar are still triangulating the ghost’s location for Lunkhead to shoot. The GM demands, “Everyone roll a guts check at minus two.” (This is never a good thing!)
He declares, “You can ALL see the mobster ghost now. Except he’s now thirteen feet tall, covered in slimy tentacles, screeching at the top of his lungs.”

Most of us roll our guts check well, all but Lucas/Sadim who rolled a negative one. Since Sadim is a paranoid bookworm, geezer, the GM makes a side comment of, “You’re probably going to have a heart attack.” Anya laughs and quips, “There definitely should be a health check. Like: Is he still alive? Did he have cardiac arrest?” Aaron adds, “Save vs. Geezer.”

The GM has Lucas roll a d20 to find out what happened to Sadim. Lucas rolls low, in this case that’s good. Lucas is “Scared shitless.” He defecates into his pants, however he gets a plus two to his rolls for the next two rounds thanks to an adrenaline surge.

It’s Ishtar’s turn. She decides to distract again. Anya ponders what to do. She’s already tried “I like your suit”, “I like your piece”, and “Hey, what’s that?”

Someone quips, “It’s the IRS.”

She decides to try lifting the mou-mou for a little flashing. Anya declares, “He said I wasn’t his type but all guys like the boobs. So we’ll go with the flashing of the mou-mou.” She rolls WELL and makes a comment of, “Show me somethin’, mistah.”

The GM says, “He does that Roger Rabbit thing with the bulging eyeballs.”

Anya’s response is, “But he’s thirteen feet tall.”

Scott answers, “Yeah, so the eyeballs are like eight feet tall.”

Aaron adds in, “He’s frightened by the seventies era bush.”

“I was only flashing the boobages, okay,” Anya argues.

They remind her that she was wearing a mou-mou. She makes a lame comment about only drawing DOWN the bodice (even though she clearly said lifting up earlier).

Ishtar succeeds to distract the giant mobster with her large, wrinkled, new-agey rack. The distraction gives Lunkhead another +2 to his next turn.
Lunkhead hits with his proton pack, he rolls well enough that the whole table does OoOOOohhh noises.

GM recaps what happens as a result, “He’s still shaken from the boobies. He’s staring at them even though they’re covered up. Lunkhead’s proton stream goes ripping through him, cutting big chunks that go flying. Pretty soon there’s just a three foot (3ft) tall mobster standing in the road.”

This is all good and well, however there’s no trap out to capture him. Lunkhead tackles the problem however the trap isn’t activated. Lucas finally uses his saved action to activate it. The mini-mobster gets sucked into the newly activated trap. “Score one for the geezer!” Someone yells.

At this point, we learn that Lucas playing an “Adventure card” earlier had turned this mobster into a “Wildcard”. Meaning we just spent ninety minutes fighting what wasn’t even meant to be a boss. The GM tells us there are two other “real ghosts” in the junkyard.

Brian returns with a slime blower just as Sadim is picking up the smoking trap. Anya reminds them that Sadim has messed his pants.

Ishtar communes with the goddess to learn that, “The forces around me have receded.” However she can sense two main clusters of energy junkyard.

Sadim plans to go back to the car to get a spare pair of pants as well as grab his 90’s era laptop (because the time period we’re playing in is roughly 1992).

Here’s a bit of audio of Anya trying to pinpoint where the players are around her, recalling that Golfarb supposedly shat in her purse, and generally being a doofus with the voices.

She points Lunkhead to the different entities she senses. He asks which one is stronger.

The GM points out that the top third of the junkyard crane is missing, courtesy of Lunkhead’s shooting prowess.

Ishtar heads toward the stronger ghost, heedless of danger. “The goddess will see me through.” The others trail behind her.

Lucas asks for a recap on where everyone is located. The GM let’s him know that most of the group is heading toward the main office with Ishtar in the lead, Anya quips, “They’re following the boob power.”

They arrive at the main office to find it locked. There’s discussion about how to get in. Goldfarb refuses to break in because he has a “code of honor”. Brian has lockpick but when he goes to unlock the door, a ghost springs out of the door right into his face.

Ishtar and Lunkhead can see a small, female spirit floating around Brian’s head, smacking at him. Randy 2 suggest an AOE attack, the group laughs at the absurdity of that (like bringing a rocket launcher to a swiss army knife fight).

Goldfarb tosses out an activated ghost trap. The ghost is swallowed into it.

Sadim returns in clean pants, sees the glow of the trap going off at the front building. He continues on the get the original mobster’s smoking trap, and then starts toward the group.

The goddess feeds Ishtar a little information about something awakening in the junkyard. And it’s coming closer (from inside Rico the owner’s main building).

They smell putrefying flesh coming at them. The manifestation has a hole blown in his head, it’s in tattered clothes, and looks about fifty. However, Ishtar senses the source of his power is coming from someplace outside the manifestation.

Aaron decides to play an Adventure card to give us unexpected information. The GM tells Ishtar that we have to find and contain the mobster’s body before we’ll be able to trap the ghost. There’s discussion about how the card should have given us more than that. Scott retorts that he has pages of research that someone didn’t do any research to get. All eyes turn to Lucas, our resident researcher who has failed to dial-up a BBS using his ancient modem and brick house of a laptop.

He asks if he can spend a bennie (one of the poker chips we get that helps us get out of a bind) to have his laptop all setup and logged in so he can get the research he missed.

[At this point guys, I’ve been listening to the recap for at least two hours and have 1.5 to go, I’m getting seriously itchy to do something else. Sorry!]

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