My Top 5 TV Shows (Spring 2012 edition)

Today I’m going to wax poetic about the television shows I love to watch. I’d like to point out that I’m not terribly into watching television. I’d much rather be writing my next erotic romance, reading something romantic, or riding on roller coasters. However the majority of the “together time” I have with my guy is spent watching some sort of entertainment. Here are the ones he doesn’t have to twist my arm to watch.

Game of Thrones

I watch this show solely for Tyrion Lannister. The dwarf is the best character. He’s clever, humorous, and without him we’d have to rely on Daenerys Targaryen and her baby dragons to carry the show (she’s my second favorite). I’m also waiting for Arya Stark to grow up and become a bad ass (I don’t know if that happens, but it had BETTER). I spend the majority of each episode trying to figure out who in the hell is who (seriously, the guys all look a like), which Mountain is which (the characters, not the landscape), and who the f*#% is going to stab that little shit Joffrey in the jugular. P.S. I miss the hotness that was Khal Drogo.



At Casa del Breton we have a policy of giving new shows we’re interested at least two episodes to grow on us. Justified season one required this rule (they just finished season three). This was a slow starting series. Upon watching three or so full episodes, I fell in love. The action centers on a Kentucky US Marshall named Raylan Givens, played by Timothy Olyphant. Givens is basically banished back to Kentucky after he drew down on a mobster in Miami. The best parts in this show are Givens’ quips when dealing with unruly criminals, most scenes involving his surprisingly bad ass but near retiree boss Art, and of course just about everything involving Raylan’s childhood bud and small town crime lord, Boyd Crowder. I liken this show to a modernized version of Deadwood. Since Deadwood was an HBO show that was cancelled well before its time, it’s nice to have a replacement.



I’m about six years late to this party. We just started watching Season one last summer. We’re through the middle of season three now. But we love this show. Dean is awesome. Sam, not so much. And we love Bobby. I doubt I have to explain much about this apart from the premise being two brothers hunting supernatural baddies across the country. If you like supernatural anything, this is the show for you.



I was extremely skeptical of this show becoming successful when I watched the trailer last year. Mostly because the trailer RUINED the entire first episode but also because it’s one of those police procedural type shows where they’re trying to solve a mystery each episode. I have to be in the mood for a mystery. I so glad we applied the two-episode rule because this show is great!

Yes, they solve a mystery in each episode but it features fairytale monsters as culprits. The characters keep you coming back week to week. Nick is a police detective who finds out in his thirties that he comes from a family of “Grimms” — that is people tasked with hunting the fairytale creatures that hide amongst us. In the first episode he meets Eddie Monroe, a “Wider Blutbad” aka a Big Bad Wolf. Though Nick initially accuses Monroe of kidnapping women in red hoodies, it quickly comes out that Monroe is innocent. The Blutbad is reluctantly drawn in to help Nick track down the true culprit. And thus begins the pattern for most of the episodes. The parts we love the most are anything involving Monroe (Nick we don’t care one way or the other about) and all of the German names they give the rat people, bird people, snake people, etc. If you decide to watch this one, give it a few episodes to warm up.



This little comedy on ABC had me hooked from the trailer. Every character is entertaining, every scene designed to give a laugh (or teach a life lesson), and it’s a hilarious peek into American upper middle class life. The general premise is fifteen year old Manhattanite Tessa’s single dad finds condoms in her drawer. He freaks, and moves her to the suburbs where she languishes in the land of rhinoplasty, teeth-whitening, country clubs, and boob jobs. With quips like: Tessa notes two students running and screaming ahead of her, and asks, “What’s wrong with those two?” Dalia retorts, “They have team spirit.” what’s not to love? It has me hooting in laughter every week. And the brief running time, thirty minutes, also plays a role in how much I love it.

Honorable Mentions

A few shows that I also like, or used to love, but didn’t make it into the top five are as follows (in no particular order):

  • The Voice
  • Hot in Cleveland
  • New Girl
  • True Blood
  • Dexter
  • Walking Dead
  • Glee
  • American Horror Story

What are YOUR top five TV shows?

@RyanJamesBurt already accepted my challenge, here’s HIS post.


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