Prime rib at The Saratoga

Last weekend my guy took me out for a celebratory dinner for the promotion I didn’t really want. I didn’t argue. Why would I when it was an excuse to spend twice as much as usual on a dinner out (and oh-so-worth-it)?

He made reservations because the Special Olympics was in town and our restaurant of choice, The Saratoga, is downtown near the venue. We arrived at 6:00pm sharp to find our name card awaiting us in the bar, exactly as we’d asked. We picked it up to move it to our favorite spot, the right booth near the kitchen.

Allow me to pause to explain a little about the restaurant. There are two sides. The first is the bar area that has, as you might guess, a bar plus several booths, tables and televisions. The dining room is next door. It features tables with tablecloths, nice silverware, decorative art and heaps of geezers. I’m not sure what it is about the place that attracts the blue-haired variety, but the dining room is always full of them. My guy and I feel out of place among fancy tablecloths and old people, so we much prefer the vinyl benches of the booths in the bar.


We always know what we’re getting when we go: Prime Rib.
It’s a bit pricey, at $23.95 a person, and only available on weekends after 5pm. They crust a thick chunk of beef in kosher salt and cook it to order. I get mine medium rare. My guy gets his medium. Mine always tastes twice as good as his.

We’re a great pair because he likes the fat on the meat and I like the meat. I carve off the fat and slap it on his place. In turn, he gives me a chunk of his meat. (no giggling from the peanut gallery LOL).

The Prime Rib meal comes with two sides. The choices are some vegetable I rarely get, a potato of the night (that night it was twice smashed parmesan), baked potato, fries (regular or sweet potato), salads and probably more I’m missing.

I always get a Greek salad (because the place specializes in Greek food) and generally the potato of the night. My guy isn’t too hot on veggies, so he orders double taters. That night he got a baked potato “butter only” and the sweet potato fries (these are SERIOUSLY good).

The service is always awesome. The wait is never long for the food. And the atmosphere is like what Applebee’s attempts to do but kind of fails at (aka “in the neighborhood”).

Oh, and if you didn’t save room for dessert, do what I do, get the caramel apple pie to go.

So if you have a spare $60 and are in the Terre Haute area, I highly suggest Saratoga’s Prime Rib.

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