Music Obsession: Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

Apparently when it rains, it pours. Let me stretch that weather related metaphor a little further… I was in a Music Obsession drought for the past few months and now y’all are getting two in a row.

This week’s music obsession, and mind you, I don’t promise to do this weekly, is Imagine Dragon‘s “It’s Time”.

I heard this tune first on Indy’s radio station X 103.3’s “Edge of the X”. That’s one of those radio features “Deuce” does at 6pm every weekday. He plays something that is cutting edge, or often an Indie band who is playing that night in the city. (Side note: Deuce is the DJ I swear sounds like Bobby Hill all grown up, specifically when he does commercials for food like nuts and Taco Bell beefy burritos).

I knew in the first five seconds with it’s clap-like percussion that “It’s Time” had serious potential. After twenty seconds when the singer came in, I turned the volume waaay up as I cruised down I-70 on the commute home. And at the 56 second mark when the catchy chorus began, I was SOLD.

Take a brief listen here:

Or watch their post-apocalyptic video with the full song here:

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