Using Tweepi (free) to verify Twitter followers

Update March 4, 2013 – Some of the features in this post from July 2012 were deactivated today.

Ever follow someone on Twitter only to find out shortly after that they only post links? Oodles and oodles of links?

Well, I have the fix for you!


You might be thinking, but Anya, aren’t all the good features premium only? Not so!

The Tweepi web site is simply exceedingly un-user-friendly.

Maybe I can help.

First, you’ve got to log into Tweepi using your Twitter account.

For this example, I used the “Reciprocate” option from the Dashboard. You’ll note this is a “Free basic” account. Everything I’m doing is on a free account

 To follow along,  click Reciprocate (or one of the others).

For these next few screenshots, you might want to click to see larger versions of the image.

While you could run stats on the default preset, you’ll probably want to add a few more columns. To do that, click the little down arrow icon up along the column title line.

You should get a menu. Hover down over “Column” until you see the other options available. I like to add in the “Bio” option so I can read about the people who have followed me.

I do the same on the other end of the columns, but this time I add “Links Ratio”

Now you’re ready (or you can add a few more options if you like).

Scroll on up to the options along the top. Click the “Load Stats” button up there along the top.

Wait a few seconds for it to do it’s thing. Sometimes I click the “Links Ratio” column once its done so I can sort the column from highest to lowest. FYI, this column means the percentage of Tweets including links in the past seven (7) days.

Click on the people you’d like to follow, and then pop back up to the +Follow icon with the two little people icon (or down to the one at the bottom). If you have more than fifty people in the list, you might also change the default display page from 50 to 200.

I hope that helps you a little!

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