Trauma Llama — Gena K. Mantz and the case of the locked car

Debut author Gena K. Mantz was brave enough to take part in my new Trauma Llama series. It’s a good one, y’all!

Her new book Wild Hearted just came out from CreateSpace. Check out the blurb below and then scroll for her hilarious Trauma Llama story 🙂

Vampire Gracie Morrow leads a quiet life–some might even say an ordinary one. She’s got a comfortable home, a loving husband, a good job, and a steady supply of beef blood from the local butcher. But Gracie’s world is turned upside down when a killer begins targeting mixed non-human couples with violent attacks. Though she’s never quite fit in with her husband Mitch’s werewolf pack, she’ll fight to the death to protect what is hers. And when push comes to shove, this mild-mannered Kansas girl fights dirty.

Order Wild Hearted here!

Here’s Gena’s Trauma Llama tale:

A Good Joke

My mother was in the hospital after rotator cuff surgery In Manhattan, Kansas. It had been a rough few months with Mom in a sling and my sis had done her best to take care of Mom until the surgery. Then it would be my turn for a few weeks while Mom recovered. My very tough baby sister was visiting Mom in the hospital when I got a panicked text message.

Let me explain about my sister. She is about four inches taller than I am, three sizes bigger, nine years younger, and has been able to soundly kick my butt since she was like 12 years old. She’s TOUGH. So when she sends me a text needing help, big sis goes into overdrive.

“Help.! I’m in Manhattan. I locked my keys in the car, my windows are down, and it’s getting ready to rain .The keys are in the ignition.” Mind you, Manhattan is 40 minutes from me and like close to an hour for her hubby to get there with the keys. Baby sis has a NICE car, plush seats, power windows, power seats, all the bells and whistles and she will not be happy if it gets wet.

I text back. “What do you want me to do? Call a locksmith? Get a slim Jim? (referring to a very illegal item to pick door locks on cars) Get the flyswatter to Comanche my way inside?”

No reply. By now, I have my car keys, purse, a big blue tarp, (to throw over the car to keep it as dry as I can), and a wire handled flyswatter. Finally, unable to stand the suspense, I call her mobile number.

She answered the phone, laughing hysterically. “You mean you fell for that? My windows are DOWN and my keys are in the car! Even (she named another friend of ours who is sweet but not very savvy on stuff like this) got it! She’s smarter than you!”

I had to laugh. It was a good joke, even if I ended up being the butt! Unfortunately, no one else I know has been foolish enough to fall for that joke. Yet.


LOL! Thanks so much, Gena!
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