Trauma Llama — Cinta García & the difficult doorknob

The lovely Cinta García (@Austenite78) was brave enough to share her Trauma Llama tale with me this week. It’s got action, adventure and emergency services! Check out her blog Cinta’s Corner for even more tales.

Cinta has also written a beautiful children’s book about her character “Little Nani”, get more information about it here.

Here’s Cinta’s Trauma Llama tale:

After visiting Anya’s blog, being reading different posts, I stumbled upon some posts called “Trauma Llama”. It caught my attention, and then I saw that C L Raven, my two favourite twin sisters in the whole world, had written a Trauma Llama post too. I read their hilarious tale of how they locked themselves out of the house where the cats they were supposed to look after were. It really made me laugh, and it made me remember of a similar case that happened to me eight years ago…Eight years ago, I was an unemployed 26-years-old girl who was living with her parents, sick and tired of being unemployed, and looking forward to living some adventures. So I decided to move to England. My parents thought that I was crazy, but I joined an au-pair programme and very soon they found a family for me to go and work for them. In October, 2004, I packed two big suitcases with my things and I flew to London, where I was going to work as an au-pair for a Jamaican family. If you are lucky to get to work for a nice family (and I was), being an au-pair is great: you live with the family, look after the kids, and they pay you for doing that. The family I was working to was formed by a divorced mum and her three daughters. The little one, Anais, was barely one year old, and she is the protagonist of this story…

One day, when trying to get into my room, I noticed that the doorknob in the outside part of my bedroom door was a bit loose. I made a mental note to tell Yvonne, the mum of the girls, about that after that, but I forgot. Some days later, the doorknob was literally hanging from one screw. And some days later, the doorknob fell. I told Yvonne, but she said that, since I still could close the door and open it from the inside, it was fine. I insisted in it to be repaired, since my bedroom was in the living-room and every visitor could have a look inside my room, since it couldn’t be closed from outside, and she said, “Don’t worry, I will get it fixed soon.” But she never did.

Weeks passed. One evening, we were all having fun in the living-room: watching a film and chatting about different things while the two younger daughters were playing around. Suddenly we heard a slam. We all went silent, looked up, and the mum said: “Where is Anais?” I wanted the ground to swallow me up when I said, “I think she went into my room.” And she was there. She had went into my room and closed the door accidentally while climbing on my bed. We rushed towards my bedroom door, but obviously it couldn’t be opened from outside. We could hear Anais jumping on my bed and giggling, so she was fine, but still Yvonne panicked and started shouting. Her shouting made the other two girls panic as well, so they started shouting and crying too. I was in shock. We tried to open the door, but it was impossible. The oldest girl kicked the door, but she only managed to make a hole, but she couldn’t open it. 

After a lot of trying to open the door by ourselves, we decided to call to the emergency services, so they sent some firemen and policemen to the house, to see what was going on. When they arrived, it just took them 3 minutes to open the door… with some pliers! They also removed the rest of the lock, so it would never happen the same accident again. When they opened the door, Anais was happily sitting on my bed, playing with some of my balls of yarn (sometimes I knit because it relaxes me) and making cooing sounds. She hadn’t realised all the drama around her and the fact that she had accidentally locked herself up in my room. The policemen made a lot of silly questions, because they thought we used to lock her up. Nonsense. If we had locked her up, why should we call emergencies? Anyways, the incident became an anecdote, but from then on I wasn’t allowed to have a lock in my room, taking into account that Anais loved going in there to play.

So that was my Trauma Llama tale. It was quite dramatic indeed, especially because at some points the mum was blaming me for that. If she hadn’t been so lazy as to fix the doorknob, nothing like that would have ever happened 😀

Have a great time!
Cinta xx


Oh, man…emergency services was involved and everything! I’m glad it worked out in the end! Thanks, Cinta.

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