Trauma Llama – Melissa Mason’s trip to the Little Barn of Horrors

Another of my Twitter crushes has kindly agreed to share a traumatic experience for our amusement. This week’s is Melissa Mason from the book review site Lily Element. She’s always reading the coolest new books and making my TBR (To Be Read) pile go higher and higher. Check out her Blog, and stalk her on Twitter, or Facebook.

Here’s Melissa’s Trauma Llama tale:

I love the Trauma Llama posts, so I had to join in on the fun.

I remember it like it was yesterday. *flashback music and everything fades out* I made the mistake of answering my phone one day after school. It was my best friend and she needed me to do her a huge favor. She was in the FFA (Future Farmer’s of America) class at school and forgot that she wouldn’t be able to feed her goat that evening. She assured me that I would only need to feed it and make sure there was water. Thinking nothing of it, I agreed and headed out to the school’s barn. I had been there once before so I knew where the goat’s stall was.

The barn was packed and as I got out of my car, I heard horrible squealing noises. Not to be deterred from my mission I walked past the cows and chickens only to find a large crowd of people by the pigs. Much to my horror I had come on the pig castration day. I walked quickly past the pigs into the goat section only to hear someone yell “Watch out!” One of the pigs had gotten loose and was coming right at me! I jumped towards the goat’s stalls and managed to dodge the oncoming pig. After a few minutes of the guys corralling the pig back the way it came, I felt a tug on my clothing. When I looked to see what I managed to snag my pants on, I found an innocent little goat head trying to eat my freaking pants. Needless to say I never went back to the barn again.

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