Trauma Llama – The Dad Hatter as an accident prone child

Today’s Trauma Llama tale comes from Bill Olander aka The Dad Hatter. He writes Indie role-playing game (RPG) stuff that is completely out of my element but I bet is AWESOME! He was brave enough to submit a tale of childhood pain for our amusement. You can read more about him and the worlds he creates on his Blog.
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But first check out Bill’s new RPG adventure:

Purple Duck Games is proud to present Heroic Moments: The Possesion of Dr. Diamond for the ICONS Roleplaying Game.

‘Doctor Diamond’ is a name known to most of the inhabitants of the City. He is an obsessed scientist overtaken by his theories of using diamonds and other crystals to break the dimensional barrier. Over the years this obsession has led him into several diamond and jewel heists attempting to get the materials he needs for his experiments. This almost always leads him back to jail at the minimum sentence for being just that pathetic.

All of that changed a week ago when Dr. Diamond succeeded in opening a doorway to another world. Zyr-Khan the Conqueror, a crystalline spider from the world on the “other side” leapt onto Dr. Diamond and instantly possessed him.

Since then the doctor’s reputation has changed. Dr. Diamond continues to plot ways to steal dimensional technology, but now there is a dark edge to the formerly soft spoken Doctor’s plots. In the last two heists two bystanders have been gravely wounded. Most troubling of all, the heists have been successful. Few suspect Zyr-Khan’s true plan is to create a dimensional bomb to send itself home, dragging the city with him in the process.

Events come to a head when the possessed Dr. Diamond breaks into the best equipped physics lab in the city, taking hostages in the process.

Heroic Moments is the series of single scenes (or heroic moments) for four-color superheroic games like the ICONS Roleplaying Game. This series is designed to be dropped seamlessly into any existing superhero campaign. All Heroic Moments are set in “The City,” which has many of the same features of any typical comic book setting. Locations in The City are left somewhat vague to make adaptations easier.

Get more info and links to buy it here.

Here is Bill’s Trauma Llama tale:

I’ve always been the type who can’t quite wrap his head around taking a theatrical gesture and turning it into reality. I don’t know if the two are related but I was also a very accident prone child. I’d had stiches three times and broken my collar bone once by the time I was 5.Flash forward several years to some point between the ages of 10 and 12. It has been a few years now so I don’t really remember for sure. My friends and I were hanging out upstairs in my room. This wasn’t particularly uncommon as my mother was a stay-at-home mom at the time and our house was a relatively central point to my other friend’s homes. I was being teased for one reason or another. I was a little weird and a little sensitive so the doors were wide open.

So there I am, socially awkward pre-teen trying to defend myself. What do I fall back on? Why parental threats of course. I still remember the words with razor sharp clarity as they tumbled out of my mouth.

“I’ve had just about enough of this! It’s time I put my foot down!”

I put my foot down.

You simply can’t make a threat like that without the proper theatrical punch… or stomp in this case. My foot came down on the floor and then the rest of me went down with it as I sprained my ankle. Ouch!

As an accident prone child, I think my mother just sighed and took me in to the hospital. As a father with a little boy of my own, I can only feel guilt for all the hospital visits I put my parents through.


Ouch! Way to stick it to Mom, Bill! 😀

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