Writing Updates – Editing and upcoming stuff

It’s been a while since I did an update about my writing. Bad Anya! Particularly since this blog is supposedly about my writing. 😀

I must confess to being in a dry spell. I haven’t written anything since JuNoWriMo (and even then I ended up trashing what I’d worked on).

But never fear, a new release is right around the corner. My next novella, Alpha Exposed is due Oct 5th. It’s a sexy paranormal erotic romance featuring Air witches and an Alpha weretiger. Mmm. Weretiger *goes glassy-eyed*

After that another paranormal erotic romance is due, also with Air witches. That one is called Wickedly Good. I believe it’ll count as a full novel. It’s got the whole hot older guy and mistaken identity thing going on.

I’m also contracted to release Fire and Flame, my paranormal romance about Fire witches (not erotic). I don’t have a release date on that one. I suspect it’ll end up being sometime next year but I’m totally guessing. That one is about a witch who must accept the help of her father’s watchdog when her father is killed.

Lastly, I’ve submitted book 1 in my Sorceress Urban Fantasy series off to be rejected..er I mean accepted by a e-book publisher 😉 *crosses her fingers*

That’s all the upcoming releases.

Hopefully I’ll get out of my writing funk in time for NaNoWriMo.

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