My Hero for the Year

Last week I posted this little challenge “Do video, Get books & $25 Gift Card” in honor of Y’s Punishment. The challenge stipulates:

In honor of the sexy scenes in Y’s Punishment, anyone who makes a video of dumping cold water on themselves (I want to see at least one ice cube in the cup people), say my name to prove this isn’t some video you dredged up on the Internet, send me the URL to said video and you’ll instantly win ALL my books–back catalogue titles as well as the current ones.

Hell, I’ll even throw in a $25 gift card to a place of your choice.

And you will be my hero for the freakin’ year!

I made an image for this contest, figuring it would sit over there in the sidebar forever, ignored for the ridiculous request it was.

I was wrong.

Last week I featured “real guy” Jason Darrick as my Friday Hottie because he bravely posted a photo of himself in a kilt AND because he did a video for me of his maniacal laugh.

Around the same time I wrote the Hottie post, Jason accepted the contest challenge. I confess to being a little concerned. Oh, I’d learned by now that yes, he would indeed follow through with it. And that was why I was concerned.

Jason gave regular taunting updates throughout the week about ice cube creation and how filming was going…

Say, have I drawn this out long enough?

No? I forgot something?

You’re right!

You need to CHECK OUT Jason’s work:
The Stories (Fear In Words)

Buy it on Amazon US or UK.
And then read it. Review it.
If you do nothing else, at least click that link and click the “Like” button. It’ll help him out. (Bonus points if you also agree with the tags)

And you definitely need to go to his web site where he has a blog and stories that you can read for FREE (plus there’s this thing with a shrunken head named Fred). GO THERE. But um, hang on a minute (or five) because there’s a video coming up 😀

Drumroll please! *taps her fingers against the trackpad*

Here is Jason Darrick‘s video about how to enter my contest:

This officially makes Jason Darrick my hero for the freakin’ year!

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