Chats with my guy — September recap

Someone over on Facebook asked me to collect the “Chats with My Guy” and publish them. I doubt I’ll ever do that. But I’m not opposed to doing recap posts of them.

So here you are. These are the chats from September:

September 12

A Chat with My Guy
Me: here’s an email I got today at work
“Hello Anya,

Berkeley Nucleonics has just released the Model 745 Femtosecond Digital Delay Generator. Reply to this email if you would like me to send you the pricing or a demo unit.”
Primary Features and Specifications –

* 2 picoseconds jitter
* 250 femtoseconds delay and width resolution

I have no idea what this is or why I would want it
Him: what do you mean why would you want it?
where else can you get 2 picosecond jitter
that’s like Elvis levels of jitter


September 20

Him: “that’s a lousy phishing attempt
claims you ordered a 46″ LG 1080p 3d HDTV with blu-ray player and 4 pairs of glasses from amazon for $560.
click here to cancel
if you got that setup for that price, why would you cancel?”
Me: “haha”


September 27

A chat with MG:
Him: Hey 2 books I had ordered shipped!
Me: That a good thing?
Him: New books are always good, Unless its the necronomicon ex mortis
Me: haha
Him: Then it’ll bite your face off


September 27

Another chat with MG:
Me: christ on a cracker!
Him: buddha on a biscuit?
ahh Ghanesh with Gnosh


September 27

Following this Tweet:
“We’re totally rocking out to the Eurthymics now. Ok, in reality I’M rocking out and MG is bobbing his head.”
MG and I discussed how 80s videos had stories before them.
MG says “All those videos were better than the ones now. I like them all. Except that one. I think it’s by Stabbing Westward. The one with the flailing body parts.”
Me: *knowing exactly what he’s talking about, loads Google* “You mean this one?” *shows him Escape Club’s “Wild Wild West”
MG: “YES! Damn, you’re good.”
And this, my friends, is what happens after being with someone for 15 years 😉


September 29

A chat with my guy:
Me: *pulls a toothbrush and toothpaste out of her purse* “I got a new toothbrush. And toothpaste.”
MG: *looks up and then purses his lips*
Me: “I went to the dentist. Remember?”
MG: “Oh, I was gonna be like… why didn’t *I* get a new toothbrush?”
Me: “It’s probably a no name brand. *turns it over* “Venture Six Inc. I bet its soft. Not hard or medium.”
MG: “Probably. Because dentists today are PUSSIES with their…soft thingies for their teeth.”
Me: “Soft thingies for their teeth, huh.”
MG: “Yeah. That’s what she said.”


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