Alpha Exposed Mini Tour

As you may have noticed… Alpha Exposed is out today *cheers* and a few people were nice enough to let me invade their blogs in honor of the new release.

Check me out at the following places:

Christina McKnight featured Alpha Exposed on her blog.

And I’m over on LK Jay’s Blog talking about regional sandwiches (that sound naughtier than they are).

KJ Bennett “Fiction Meets Fact” where a work of fiction, Rathbone Kydd, interviews me. It’s a fun read that is more than just a blurb. Beware, ladies, he’s a bit of a player (but he has his own book)!

My Twitter crushes C L Raven and I did a contest exchange. Head on over to their blog for a fun hottie caption contest. The prize? A copy of Alpha Exposed! [Contest Ended]

Want another taste of Alpha Exposed for free? Try Cate’s “Free Promo Friday“.



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