Cover Reveal – Fire and Flame

I recently got the cover for my upcoming paranormal romance Fire and Flame. This one is coming from Wild Rose Press, and it’s NOT erotic. (I know, boo hoo 😉
I don’t have a release date for it yet but here’s the blurb:

Sara McKenna longed for a career in television away from the violence of her Fire witch heritage. But as the daughter of the region’s most powerful priest, she knew she’d be required to produce a pureblooded child. Sara had banked on it waiting until after she’d established herself as a powerful media force. However her father is struck down in the prime of his life through a typically savage stroke of fate. And Sara is called home for a far different reason: a funeral.

Fire witch Brent Conley failed to protect the only man he’s ever respected. He won’t fail his former priest’s haughty daughter. When he summons Sara home for the funeral, she has no idea she won’t be returning to her other life. But Brent’s tender conscience soon howls. And it just may force him to free the one thing he’s always wanted to possess.

And here’s the cover:

What do you think?

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