Trauma Llama – Trauma in the family with Bronwyn Green

With several repeat visitors, the role of reigning queen of Trauma Llama has been threatened. Thankfully the original queen, Bronwyn Green sent me several to pick from. She was sweet enough to let me share another tale this week, thus maintaining her title. Check out her web site.

Before we get to the trauma, check out Bronwyn’s book Autumn Sacrifice. Here’s the blurb:

When Brenna Alten returns home to attend her cousin’s wedding, she expects to reconnect with friends and family. She doesn’t anticipate hooking up with her adolescent crush Caleb Mahingan or his brothers. Despite a night of sizzling hot sex, Brenna believes this can’t turn into more, but Caleb has other plans for her. As Alpha of his small pack, he knows she’s his mate and he doesn’t intend to give her up without a fight.

Check out an excerpt here.
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Here’s Bronwyn’s third Trauma Llama tale:

As a writer, I tend to do a lot of research. One time, I took a ten week long Citizens Police Academy course for research.  Totally fascinating…and also very, very awkward.  You see, about twelve or so years ago, one of my brothers was a dumbass.  Said brother had a dumbass girlfriend.  One night, dumbass brother and dumbass girlfriend very stupidly got drunk and dumbass girlfriend decided to drive with the lights off – you know…so as to be inconspicuous. (She was a clever one, that girl.) Long story short, they got pulled over (right near my house where they apparently thought they could hide out – did I mention the dumbass part?) and then the fun started.  Dumbass girlfriend was arrested for drunk driving and being a minor. She was cuffed and put in a state police cruiser while the cop talked to dumbass brother – who was free to go if he could get a ride.  Only dumbass girlfriend slips her cuffs, climbs over the backseat and steals the police car.  Dumbass brother laughs and says, “Dude, she’s stealing your car.”  Bad things happen, girl totals several cars and her tires eventually get shot out and the dashboard camera catches it all. You can see an abbreviated version here.  In fact, you can even see my house go by too – and believe it or not, we slept through the whole thing.


Fast forward to me sitting in cop class with some friends and it’s time to learn about traffic stops.  Out comes the non abbreviated video, because you see, dumbass brother and dumbass girlfriend have become a cautionary tale of their own.  This footage is shown to all police academy recruits as a learning tool.  So I’m watching this thing and my friend says to the class at large, “Hey! That’s Bronwyn’s brother.”  Much hilarity and awkwardness ensued.  I’m pleased to report dumbass brother is no longer a dumbass and no longer dating dumbass girlfriend. Actually, it pretty much ended that night. The cop I went on a ride along with at the culmination of my class made sure I got to meet the cop who shot out the tires of the car dumbass girlfriend stole.  More awkwardness.

A hilarious tale complete with video! Bronwyn certainly knows how to treat us well.

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