2012 Awards

AwardAuthor Jamie Tucker Dougan tagged me on this 2012 Awards post meme. Tallying my year end awards is a neat idea. Now all I have to do is think of what those will be!

You can check out what he picked in his Tucker’s Awards 2012 post.

Anya’s Awards 2012

One word to sum up 2012


Song of the year

Too Close” by Alex Clare.

I’m ashamed to admit I fell in love with this song two seconds into the Internet Explorer advertisement it’s used in. This is also the only song that is played on all three of the radio stations I regularly listen to. I spend my commute flipping through them in the hope they’ll play it. And I always smile when it comes on.

Oh sure, I could just play it off my iPod, but where is the fun in that?

Album of the year

I’m not big into full albums. Florence Welch have been my favorite artist for the past three years but her latest album came out in 2011. The same goes for The Black Keys’ El Camino so I’ll go with this one:

Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

Highlight of the year

Not dying in the Mayan End of Time.

Personal highlight of the year

Publishing four books with two different publishers and truly going through editing for the first time.

Hero of the year

I’m going to cheat. I’m obligated to say Jason Darrick is my hero for 2012. And, well, he is. He splashed himself in ice water for my amusement. Check it out here.

But there will always be another hero–my guy, for putting up with me every single day and still managing not to strangle me. He’s the best. And ladies, if I could clone him, I would keep them all to myself 😉

Sports star of the year

Yeah, um, I know nothing about this. So let’s just say someone from the Olympics.

Movie of the year

In researching this one, I’ve discovered I haven’t seen many of the movies I’d wanted to see this year.

With that said, my favorite movie of the year is The Avengers.

TV Show of the year


Crush of the year

Michael Fassbender

What are your 2012 Awards?

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