New Release – Lore 11 – Lore vs. The End


Lore fans, as promised, the final book in the Lore series is OUT! And guess what? It’s free on my blog (and only on my blog).

This is technically two books–Lore vs. The Undead Revelation and Lore vs. The End. There’s a massive cliffhanger at the end of Undead Revelation. I couldn’t bear to split them up because of that. Y’all would have skinned me. The result is a 138,000 word book with two parts.

Read about how the vampires come out of the coffin, pushing Laura and Aiden into the spotlight. And the shocking discovery of a cure for vampirism. Is this the end of the Black Death’s nocturnal activities or only a new beginning?

Please note, the first part is told from Laura’s point of view. The second part is told from Laura in the first person and Aiden and Kruz in the third person.

Click here for the links to the books.

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