Music Obsession: Gin Wigmore – Kill of the Night

Same old refrain from me: I haven’t done a music obsession post in a while, I’ve had this one on repeat, I saw it on TV—blah blah blah. In any case, all of the above is true.

I’ve been staying with my mom in Baton Rouge on vacation. She has all the movie channels. ALL of them. And working at home she leaves the television on at a low volume. STARZ has a promo montage of their shows that features this song by New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore. It’s called “Kill of the Night”. I heard it twice and commandeered Mom’s iPhone so I could Shazam it (yeah, that’s now a verb.) Haven’t stopped listening to it since.

It’s even inspired a refresh of a story. Not that the story will ever see the light of day.

Anyway, take a listen to this sexy tune. And then search out others by Ms. Wigmore, she’s got an awesome voice.

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