Easter–a time for evil (Peeps)

If you follow my blog, you already know my dislike of Peeps–so much so that I wrote a web comic for a few months devoted to it. You can read the comic here or how I decided Peeps were Evil here.

In any case, last night we did a bit of late night grocery shopping. I made the mistake of going down the seasonal aisle at our local Walmart and this is what I saw:
2013-02-23 22.53.32
Peeps even have a new flavor to get your tastebuds jumping–all part of their evil plot for world domination.

2013-02-23 22.53.19

Peeps on a stick? Nefarious!

2013-02-23 22.53.24

And the worst one of all were these JUMBO bunnies (they’re called large but when set next to the regular ones, I think we can all agree “large” isn’t an apt descriptor). MG took one look at these and said: “Chairman Bunny?”

They’re trying to legitimize the bunny by giving him a bow tie! No. NO! Resist, people. This is unadulterated turpitude in a yellow box.

2013-02-23 22.54.39

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