New Release — The Only Sorceress

I have another new release to share with you guys. I’m super excited about this one. The Only Sorceress is the first book in a brand new Urban Fantasy series. It’s set in the same world as my Lore series as well as the paranormal erotic romances Alpha Exposed and Wickedly Good. However this book has no sex in it. Don’t let that turn you off. It’s still a great book! Here’s the blurb:

Self-proclaimed sorceress Kora Walsh knows exactly how to use her shiny new MBA. She’ll open a new age shop in a colony of the country’s most powerful witches. But the town rife with bigots doesn’t want her or her sleek shop tainting their perfect community.

Kora would leave if she had any choice in the matter. She’s trained from childhood for her true task—infiltrating coven leadership as her mother’s mole. Failure to do her familial duty is not an option, not when her childhood nemesis is assured her failed soul for an eternity of torture.

And thanks to the colony’s loudest supporter, the beautiful Desmond Marino, failure is a very real danger.

Read the Excerpt.

Buy from: Amazon, ARE, Evernight Publishing.

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