Writing Update for August/September

featured-writing-newsWhat is out next?

Sweetly Bad – a paranormal erotic romance about an Air witch and a mechanic is due out September 4th…that is NEXT week! Click for the excerpt, cover and pre-order links. This is the sequel to Wickedly Good about Drew.

What am I working on now?

  • Edits/Submissions
    • Guarded Heart is in my editor’s hands. This is the next paranormal erotic romance on the horizon. The story features Water witches and has an opposites attract element.
    • Nothing on submission at the moment.
  • Writing
    • I’m 80k into the first book (and almost finished) of a YA paranormal series I’m tentatively calling “Mongrel”. It takes place in the same town as The Only Sorceress (Wipuk) and features an Earth witch prince and a 1/4 Water witch/werewolf girl 😀
  • Why aren’t you writing/editing/submitting MORE?
    • I took a spot as a freelance editor with a small Indie press. That has taken up a load of time I would have devoted to writing. But I promise I’m still writing.

Those are all the updates I have for now. Thanks for reading! <3

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