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Today Travis Erwin stopped by for a crazy/awkward interview. He’s talking about his Women’s fiction book Twisted Roads, check out the blurb:

A tarnished name and a bitter heart.

That’s all Angela Ross took when she fled Texas fifteen years ago as a teenager. Now, she’s back to take care of her grandmother’s estate. But in a town like Grand, where reputation means much more than the truth, some sins are never forgotten much less forgiven.

Shelly Sampson has worked hard to cultivate her image as reigning queen of Grand, but she knows long kept secrets mean her crown is precarious at best. And nothing could knock her tiara off faster than a chill wind from the past …Like the return of Angela Ross.

Left with nothing but an old house and painful memories, Angela soon takes a job at the local tavern owned by Lucas Cahill hoping to earn enough to leave this town behind for good. Lucas still holds the same flame for Shelly Sampson that he had in high school and though she welcomes his attention, he can’t understand why she won’t leave her rocky marriage behind to finally give them a chance at happiness.

Once Angela, Shelly’s old arch rival, enters the picture as his Lucas’ new employee Shelly’s desperation to keep her life and secrets intact starts a chain reaction whose outcome no one in Grand could have ever predicted.

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Crazy/Awkward Interview with Travis Erwin

*gestures at the empty seat beside her* Hey, Travis! How nice of you to fall into my punji pi…er easy chair. *makes sure the netting is in place so he can’t get out* Want a piece of fancy chocolate or cheese? *eyes carefully to see which is picked*

Is the cheese fancy or just the chocolate because the only thing I like fancy is my women. A good smoked cheese or a simple cheddar I’d go for but none of that soft stuff. Because the only things I like soft are again my women. Notice a trend?

As the Lettuce is Devil Twitter guy, I only have one question about this book: are there any vegetarians in it, and are they evil?

No vegetarians, but there’s an evil ex homecoming queen and isn’t that kind of the same thing? I’m kidding all you ex homecoming queens out there reading this. Oh who am I fooling, ex homecoming queens can’t read. Well, maybe they can read, but when was the last time you spotted one doing so?

That leads me into my next question:

Q: Instead of the zombie apocalypse, tomorrow all meat-bearing animals keel over. How do you survive?

A: One word. Leather. Technically it’s just really dried out cowhide and hey I like pork rinds so as long as there are old shoes around I’d rather eat a wore out Nike than a salad.

Q: A race of sentient creatures live in your baseball cap. What are they called and what odd things do they whisper in your ears?

A: Okay I’m not gonna lie. I had to look up the word sentient. Now I can’t get the mental picture of Emo head lice out of my mind. So let’s call them Emolie and I suppose they would whisper overwrought angst about the general unfairness of life.

Q: How do you feel about elephants?

A: They’re big and lumbersome but smart. I’m big and lumbersome and a smart ass if nothing else so I’ll say we have a kindred relationship.

Q: You become a rancher. Your ranch features A) llamas B) racing ostriches C) lemurs D) camels. Which do you pick and what is your ranch called?

A: Well me good buddy Nic took a goos solid beat down from a Llama once and if I raised them he’d never come over to drink beer and lemurs are kind of creepy (even cartoon ones) and that ear worm Move it Move it Movie It song would drive me crazy that leaves the ostriches and camels. I once took my own animal beating from an Emu named Englebert as documented in my coming-of-age memoir THE FEEDSTORE CHRONICLES and they are close cousins to Ostriches so despite my gambling tendencies to wager on anything that races I’ll go with camels by default. Would it be too crass to call it Eminent Toemain?

Q: What’s the oddest thing you regularly chew?

A: Despite my many redneck qualities it sure isn’t tobacco of any sort because after all that is a plant and as a carnivore I don’t ingest vegetation in any form. I regularly chew out drivers and referees on TV.

Q: What’s the worst thing you’ve sassed when drunk? Bonus points if you ralphed on it, peed on it, or woke up in bed next to it.

A: I’m a happy drunk so sassing while sassafrassed really isn’t how I harass. But I did once wake up in the back of my pickup after an all day rodeo and all night dance to discover I was missing one of my cowboy boots. Maybe somebody named Ralph stole my boot?

Q: What electronic device mystifies you? (Bonus points if you regularly have a small child assist you with it)

A: iPhones. Or I anything. Any apple named after a fruit or vegetable agitates me so I shun all of Apples proprietary devices.

Q: Fill in the blank: Sometimes I _______________ with your _____________.
A: Sometimes I fiddle with your emotions.

Chances are these answers have made your readers view me as everything but a Women’s Fiction writer, but truthfully I pride myself on my ability to create characters and storylines that my readers will become invested in emotionally.

What grade do we give Travis for his crazy/awkward answers? Comment with your letter grade below!

Got a question you’d like to ask Travis or one you want to see on the next crazy/awkward interview? Comment!

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