Shows/movies that scarred me for life

scarred-for-lifeThis blog post has been rattling in my head for a few weeks: movies and shows that scarred me for life. I wasn’t sure about posting one of them because it would likely prove how much of an indifferent, typical American I am. But, what the hell, it’s the Internet, right?

The Exorcist

For about a year, my mother and I lived with her friend and her friend’s two kids. The kids were in their teens while I was ten or so. One night everyone was watching The Exorcist. Someone thought it would be funny if I watched it, too. It really shouldn’t have freaked me out because I’d seen the Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween films  (even the one with the bugs exploding out of people’s heads). Those never bothered me. There was something about The Exorcist that just scarred me shitless. I’m not even a religious person. I consider myself agnostic, and yet any movie featuring possession sparks that shiver up my back, to this day. So this movie is definitely one that scarred me for life.

Here’s the trailer:


Dancer in the Dark

I was a huge Bjork fan back in the late 90s. When I saw she’d done a movie, I had to watch it. I even bought it, thinking it would be amazing. Since MG isn’t into Bjork, I watched it on a gaming night…alone. I’m not sure if that was a good or bad idea. But when he got home…an hour after the movie had finished…I was still crying. I can’t hear any of the songs from that movie without bursting into tears. It’s a seriously depressing movie. Someone stole most of our DVDs a decade ago. This was one of them. I never replaced it.

Here’s the trailer:


Highway to Heaven Season 2 Episode 13 “Alone”

This is the one that will reveal I’m a horrible, indifferent American. Why? Well, it’s about a homeless disabled boy living in a box with his cat Thomas. He steals a roll, candles, and tuna on his birthday and then shares them with his cat, wishing for someone to love him. Cue bawling. Oh my god. This episode. It makes me want to run out and give everything I have to disabled homeless boys with pet cats. Except I didn’t. I haven’t. I probably won’t. Because for every boy, there are a hundred others. And there are adults who are homeless. And some with dogs. Some don’t have a pet. Some aren’t disabled. I can’t fix everyone! I’m so overwhelmed with how much need there is in the world so I end up just giving a dollar when someone asks me if I want to round up my shopping bill to help X charity. See? Horribly, indifferent American.

Here’s the full episode (get a bulk-sized box of tissues):

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