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GUESS WHAT?!!?! Cat and Lynx are back! *does the cabbage patch* oh, yeah, uh HUH, uh uh uh uh. *goober dances. Stops and heaves a few heavy breaths*

So they’ve agreed to do one of my crazy interviews. *makes a triumphant fist*

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Then, check out what they’re up to now:

Death is only the beginning…


You’re born, you live and you die. And sometimes, you come back.


When the veil between life and death is torn down, the darkest souls crawl from the shadows to wander the world that rejected them.


But these are not the restless spirits that haunt the pages of folklore, or the childishly gruesome tales whispered over torchlight. These are the ghosts that dwell in the deepest dungeons of your imagination and prey on you when you think you’re alone: bored ghosts trapped in the monotony of office life at the Scare Department; a haunted jail where the prisoners believe in revenge over rehabilitation; a mirror that steals the souls of whoever falls under its spell; and a ghost bride who makes sure the wedding vows are never broken.


Thirteen stories that prove the monsters in your mind might just be real.


The past is no longer a nightmare.

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Crazy/Awkward Interview with C L Raven

Hey, Cat and Lynx! Let me see the sweet outfits y’all got on. Can we have a little twirl? After all, I did just dance for you. *waits*

*Struts like on a catwalk. Twirls. Trips. Falls off the stage.* Ouch. Bit embarrassing. Hope no-one saw that.

You’re lucky I can’t fit into that or I’d offer you “special” vegan ice cream. *grins wicked-like* Go ahead and have a sit. *gestures at the empty love seat beside her*

Ooh thanks. That’s a really cool love seat. Never sat on one of these before. Wonder if we can get it in our Smart car…

Want a piece of vegan fancy chocolate or vegan ice cream? *eyes carefully to see which is picked*

Why have one? *Takes both. Dips chocolate into ice cream.* This is delicious. *Drops ice cream on ourselves.* Goddamn it! Every. Single. Time.

So you have another batch of ghost stories out now. Do any characters from other books return in this one?

Sadly not. Though the characters in one of the stories, When the Dead Awaken, were taken from a ghost hunting novel, Raising the Dead we wrote a few years ago. That novel actually got us started on ghost hunting. We’ll probably never release it now because the characters are twins (though male & female) and their geeky friend, so people would wrongly assume we based it on ourselves, when it was actually written first.

That leads me into my next question:

Q: An old crone gives you a potion to pour over a book. It will bring one character to life. If you don’t use it in the next week on one of your books, Ryan dies. Which book and character do you use it on? (or is Ryan about to kick the bucket?)

A: As tempting as it is to let Ryan die, so we can sell his body to medical science and become the new Burke and Hare, we’ll let him live. For now. Might change our minds when our Red Bull funds run out…This is a hard one – most of our characters seem to be murderers, so if we brought them to life we might have another awkward interview to answer but with the police. We really like the horsemen and the fallen angel in our horsemen of the Apocalypse novel, Bleeding Empire (unpublished) but if they came to life, it would have disastrous consequences for the world. And Demi (Famine) is quite a bitch. We couldn’t pick one of them though. Can we have them all? Hmm, it seems whichever character we pick will result in some sort of killing spree.

Q: Assuming Ryan gets to sing another day, what mayhem does that character get up to and what do you do to help or hinder them?

A: Well the horsemen’s objective is to destroy the world, so we could convince them that instead of destroying it, they should take it over and put us at the helm. Our other plans for world domination seem to be going awry so enlisting the horsemen’s help is our Plan B.

Q: How do you feel about robots?

A: A little nervous about them becoming intelligent and taking over the world. We can’t even make our laptops do what we tell them, so we’d have no hope against robots! Do they obey the Ctrl Alt Del command?

Q: You’re planning a fancy dress party (that’s what y’all call costume parties over there, right?). You can invite three characters or the actors who play them and they will attend. Who do you invite? And no, before you try to play the twin card, it’s one each and one you share 😛 Bonus question: what game do you play at your party? (Extra points if it involves tormenting Ryan)

A: Jack Sparrow, Wentworth Miller and Dean Winchester. We could do a Gimpics event like sand dune sledging. And we can run over Ryan in our race to the finish line 😀 Someone will get injured no matter what we pick. We seem to have dangerous ideas.

Q: What’s the oddest thing you regularly chew?

A: We don’t usually chew anything. But that sounds boring so we’ll go with…human bones. That sounds suitably creepy. Though we’re not sure what the vegan stance is on human bones. It’s probably frowned upon.

Q: A TV producer wants to make a soap opera with y’all as the main characters. What is the soap opera called? Give us one episode outline (bonus points if a character comes back to life, Ryan’s evil twin from an alternate dimension turns up, or babies are switched at birth.)

A: Ooh we know American soaps differ from British ones (which tend to be depressing and glum) so we’ll go with an American style. We’d call it Desolation Row. It would be set in a haunted street, or abandoned wild west town. Episode one would be us fleeing the police after trespassing at our latest location and trying to evade the serial killer who also lives on the street, but we don’t know who it is. The street is haunted by several ghosts. Any character who dies on the street returns to haunt it. And we’re issuing a ban on ‘who’s the daddy?’ plots which blight every pregnancy in British soaps.

Q: Give an example of your most dangerous ingenuity.

A: Space hoppers (think you guys call them Hoppity Hops, but correct us if we’re wrong) on a bouncy castle. Brilliant but dangerous – we got pitched into the side walls a lot. Or sledging down the dangerously steep drive of Castell Coch (Red Castle) when the snow turned to ice and the only way to stop was to smack into the gate at the bottom…this spectacle even attracted an audience, especially when we decided going headfirst was a good idea 😀

Q: You like stalking __________.

A: Hot guys and classic cars. Yes, we’ve stalked classic cars.

Thanks, ladies! It was a blast 🙂

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