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Today Cinta García de la Rosa stopped by for a crazy/awkward interview. She has a book coming out about creative writing techniques. Here’s more information about it:

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques is a collection of essays developing techniques for improving writing in a creative way. Every person is creative; they only need to light that spark inside, so the magic can begin. A picture, a walk in the streets, your own childhood memories… Everything can hold stories. You just need to find the way to tell those stories in a creative way. This book can help you.

Pre-order/Buy it!

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Crazy/Awkward Interview with Cinta García de la Rosa

*gestures at the empty beanbag beside her* Hey, Cinta! Don’t worry if the chair squishes a little. I just…refilled it. *coughs* Want a piece of fancy chocolate or cheese? I have vegan options, too! *eyes carefully to see which is picked*

Well, being lactose-intolerant and loving cheese as much as I do, I have to go for some vegan cheese. Yum! Thank you!

Are you ready to get crazy and/or awkward? *cracks her knuckles*

Absolutely ready! *gets her magic wand ready*

Q: What is the most creative tool (one you actually touch) you use when writing a story?

A: My magic wand! I always hold it in my hand while writing my Little Nani stories for children. As for the rest of my writing, my most creative tool is my mug for drinking tea, since I designed it myself with my “Groovy Cool Writers” logo.

Q: A mysterious box arrives on your doorstep. Inside the box is an ant farm housing magical ants. They declare you their leader! What is your new name as ant leader? And what do you have your magical ants do with their magic?

A: Oh wow, how exciting! I think my new name as ant leader would be Foumi Sa Ki Mal, which means “Evil Ant” in Haitian. Why? Because I cannot go more random than that.

Q: How do you feel about geese?

A: I don’t see many geese in the place where I live, so I guess they are fine.

Q: Your bike is in the shop. The repairman offers you three temporary replacements: a) a pogo stick, b) a skateboard, c) a garbage truck. Which do you choose and how do you rock it?

A: I would get a pogo stick. So much fun! I would go everywhere bouncing, and I would decorate it with stickers of ladybugs. If people bother me, I would use the pogo stick to jump over them and slap them on top of the head.

Q: Tomorrow you wake up in a horror story. Which story is it, which character are you, and how would you fix the ending?

A: I think I would wake up in IT by Stephen King. Since clowns scare the hell out of me, I think I would be the clown, and I would be constantly making children laugh, skipping all over the place throwing candy to people, and trying to lead a flock of geese with my pogo stick.

Q: What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever put on your head or in your hair?

A: I like wearing odd things on my head and hair. Right now I like wearing a headband with a very big ladybug.

Q: A warlock appears and gives you a choice: become a fairytale monster or die! What fairytale monster do you become (or do you die?!)? Describe your first day as this monster.

A: I would die, so I can become a ghost. A naughty ghost. It would be great to go around haunting all the people who have ever bothered or been nasty to me.

Q: A blank wall in your home needs a mural. An artist will paint one free! What do you have him/her paint?

A: A groovy cool ladybug! Yeah, a ladybug in a massive forest, with magic sparks, showing that Little Nani is hidden somewhere with her magic wand.

Q: Fill in the blank: Sometimes I ___________ in the ___________ while ___________.

A: Sometimes I talk to myself in the kitchen while I do the dishes.


What grade do we give Cinta for her crazy/awkward answers? Comment with your letter grade below!

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