#WriteMotivation – week 2 update

Last week I mentioned I signed up for this month’s “Write Motivation“. This is my update (part of the rules).

Though I set modest goals to write at least 15k on E’s Beast and at least 15k on Northern Heat, life decided to have a chuckle at me.

I knew I’d have to do line edits for an author this week. That was fine. What I didn’t know was that I’d also have to do the galley review for a second author…on a 120k novel. By Friday. And then, my Ellora’s editor emailed saying she’d send edits back for my novella Guarded Heart by the 14th, earlier if she could. *slumps*

Needless to say, between this and my day job, I haven’t budged much on my word count. I got a mere 525 words written since my last blog post.

I have faith that I’ll turn this around at some point, but I reallllly don’t know if 30k is in my future. We’ll see. *crosses fingers and then bites them*

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