Chat with MG, special picture edition


MG and I were in a goofy mood today at Walmart. I snapped a few pictures to go along with the chats.
chat-with-mg-march2014-01The first was this roll of stuff we found in the cold cases. “Chili with Beans Condensed”.

Me: *stares*
MG: What?
Me: I don’t understand what that is. It’s…that’s like two different things that make you explode…condensed…into roll form.
MG: The house wouldn’t survive.

Then we wandered into the Easter aisle.


MG: Check that out. It would explain so much. You know…how they can’t shoot.
Me: *laughs*
MG: He was frozen in choco-onite
Me: *stares*


Me: This is kind of horrifying. *picks up the chocolate bunny baseball player* I mean…look at his eyes. They’re looking down like ‘oh my god. Look my HUGE penis.’
MG: *shakes his head and walks away*



Then…I walked into  the thirteenth circle of hell. IT GETS BIGGER EVERY YEAR!!


MG: Look, they have Peep cups now. They want you to DRINK them.
Me: *shudders* *sees the sweet lemonade, blue raspberry, and other flavors beneath and shudders extra*


MG: Look, a Peep Kabob.
Me: *laughs* That’s the only good Peep. A DEAD Peep.


Me: Look, this pasta sauce has a pearl necklace.
MG: *stares*

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